Cloisonne Urns

Cloisonne designs are beautiful works of art utilizing a variety of metals and precious metals like thin copper wire, inlayed with crafted enamels. when combined, these materials make such and artful expression to the eye and a smooth textured feel to the hands. Keep in mind, these hand made precious memorial urns are unique and made one by one.

Why Cloisonne: Because cloisonné urns are beautiful pieces of artwork, we recommend that they be cherished at home. However, like many other urn types, cloisonné urns can also be entombed in a cemetery columbarium niche or buried.


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"Etienne Autumn " Cloisonne Urn (Keepsakes sold separate) Etienne Butterfly Urn is timeless and classic. Keepsake token and heart are available - sold separate, Etienne Keepsake Heart Urns. Unique hearts for your loved one. Stand sold separate
Etienne Autumn Cloisonne Urn (Keepsakes sold separate)Etienne Butterfly UrnEtienne Keepsake Hearts

The "Etienne Autumn" Cloisonne Cremation Urn is distinguished by the copper wire inlay between the colorful enamel.

The Etienne Blue Butterfly cloisonné cremation urn is crafted in the shape of a traditional style vase and has a threaded lid.

Etienne Heart Collection, unique and classic. Each piece is hand made and decorated by an artisan. Cloisonne is created by fine art. Stand sold separate. Holds a small portion of ashes.






Classic and timeless, the Opal is eye catching and distinguished with it's one of a kind enamel inlay and design. This urn is classy and textured with style. "Etienne Rose " Cloisonne Urn (Keepsakes, Heart and Angel are sold separate in our keepsake menu) Floral Blue Elite Urn. Keepsakes and Heart are available and sold separate.
Etienne Opal Cloisonne Urn Etienne Rose Cloisonne Urn (Keepsake and Heart sold separate)Floral Blue Elite (Matching Keepsakes and Heart sold separate.

The Etienne Opal cloisonné cremation urn with threaded top opening and closing lid

The "Etienne Rose" Cloisonne Cremation Urn is distinguished by the copper wire inlay between a pink and white colorful enamel.

Floral Blue Elite Cloisonne Urn






Beautiful High End Golden Butterfly Urn. Keepsake and Heart Sold Separate Floral Blush Cloisonne Urn Going Home Cloisonne Urn
Golden Butterfly Cloisonne Urn Floral Blush Cloisonne UrnGoing Home Cloisonne Urn

Golden Butterfly Urn. High end option and timeless design. Hand inlayed cloisonne. The "Beautiful Choice".

Floral Blush Cloisonne Urn is hand made and detailed with beautiful pink toned enamel.

Going Home Cloisonne Urn. Classic and a popular choice. Matching keepsake(s) are also available for purchace.




Cloisonne urns are durable and timeless pieces of art. no two are alike and the time that each one is crafted offers a story in itself. Artists designing our Cloisonne urns understand what these crafted urns will be used for. They prepare each urn with patience, care and a hard to come by technique that takes years to gain experience. When selecting a Cloisonne urn, be assured that our urns are of the best quality and material. These urns are ideal for those who choose the finer things in life and have an eye and heart for art and history.