Metal Urns

´╗┐Metal urns are strong enough to withstand the elements for ages to come and therefore suitable for display outdoors or to retain in the home, as a loving tribute to that someone special.

Why Metal Urns? Metal urns are often cherished at home. However, like many other cremation urns, metal offers a durable tribute that can pass the test of time and are ideal for entombed in a cemetery columbarium niche, or buried in a family grave. Depending on the selected type of metal used to produce an urn, will determine the overall cost of the merchandiser. For example, bronze and copper are precious metals that are mined and more rare than metals like steel and brass that are more abundant and therefore, less costly. Many urns today are crafted from brass. Brass offers a strong product that can be designed, polished and hand painted to become a precious memorial for a loved one. So, when selecting a metal, keep in mind that you do not always need to spend too much to get a good quality urn.

All of our urns selections are high quality and fairly priced to help you through this difficult time.

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Butterfly Quest with Gold Accents White Florentine Cremation Urn Over Nickel Plated Brass Burnt Orange Urn
Butterfly Quest AdultWhite Florentine Nickel Plated Brass Urn with Tooled FlowersBurnt Orange Alloy Urn

Adult Emerald Tone w Gold Accents Butterfly Urn

White Florentine Enamel Cremation Urn Over Nickel Plated Brass. 

Burnt Orange Alloy Urn. 




Elegance Cremation Urns w/ Nickle Band (White or Light Blue Traditional White Enamel with Nickle Plated Brass Urn Enchantment Urn Series By Color. Espresso - Pink and Purple. With Hand Engraved Band.
Elegance Color Urn SeriesEnamel White Traditional UrnEnchantment Urn Series By Color

Elegant Adult Cremation Urn with White Enamel over Nickel Plated Brass. Threaded lid allows secure closure. Felt-lined base. Dimensions: 7" D x 10" H Capacity: 220 cu. in.

Traditional White Enamel with Nickle Plated Brass





Heart Trim Cremation Urn - Threaded Top Light Blue Alloy Urn A beach themed cremation urn, hand painted sea oats fashioned with blue skies and a high gloss finish. This urn is unique and limited.
Heart Trim Brass UrnLight Blue Alloy UrnBeach and Sea Oats Painted Urn

Classic Brass Urn with Brushed Pewter Finish and Golden Brass Hearts. Threaded lid allows secure closure. Dimensions: approx. 10" H x 6" W

Light Blue Alloy Urn

Hand Painted Beach and Sea Oats Themed Cremation Urn. Unique and Limited




The Butterfly Collection. Each piece is limited and unique. Choose from 5 different colors. Hand painted cremation urn fashioned with a unique lighthouse theme. Ideal for lighthouse lovers, boaters, fishermen or those who just love the sea. Unique urn. This hand painted cremation urn is one of a kind with a clear midnight theme with a moon and stars as seen in the heavens
Butterfly Keepsake SeriesHand Painted Lighthouse Cremation Urn Midnight Moon Cremation Urn

The Butterfly Collection (Choice of Color)

Hand Painted Lighthouse Themed Cremation Urn. A unique choice.

Hand Painted Midnight Moon and Stars Cremation Urn 




Tropical Paradise High Gloss Cremation Urn with Multiple Views. Limited Edition. Limited release Anchors Away will not last. Personalized by color choice. Beautiful Grecian Style Collection
Tropical Paradise Cremation Urn Anchor Inlay Mother of Pearl UrnDecorative Grecian Collection

Tropical Paradise Cremaiton Urn 

Unique Mother of Pearl Anchor Urn.

Grecian Collection - Choose a vibrant color for these beautiful urns. Brass with a high finish and decorative band. 




Divine Flying Doves Urn Hand Painted Dolphin Sunset Urn Unique Mother of Pearl Urn. Falling Leaves
Divine Flying DovesDolphin Sunset Hand PaintedFalling Leaves Mother of Pearl Urn.

Divine Flying Doves has a very high gloss and doves 360. This urn has very possitive feed back and is a common choice for families.

Dolphins in Flight is a hand painted urn and highly unique. Background of a sunset adds beauty to this rare design. Limited availability.

Falling leaves high gloss and detailed urn inlayed with a falling leaves design made with Mother of Pearl material. 




Mother of Pearl Elite Urn Rose Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn Serenity Cremation Urn with a high quality paint and gloss for a unique Mother of Pearl piece.
Mother of Pearl Elite UrnRose Inlay Mother of PearlSerenity Dove

Mother of Pearl Elite Cremation Urn

Mother of Pearl Rose Inlay cremation urn. High gloss over a deep blue finish. Also available in burgundy. Matching keepsakes are also available.

Serenity Cremation Urn is hand inlayed with Mother of Pearl and a high quality paint and gloss finish.




Sheet Bronze Urn Verones Cremation Urn Trinity Urn Series
Sheet Bronze UrnVerones Cremation UrnTrinity Urn Series By Color

Sheet Bronze Cube Urn. Traditional cube urn which is basic, yet, this piece has the ability to be complimented with an emblem or name plate. An affordable and common urn.

Brass Verones Cremation Urn. This quality cremation urn is designed to be unique and affordable. Traditional vase shape urn with detailed color. The Verones comes in a variety of colors. Those featured are available. Each urn is unique and no two...

Trinity Cremation Series By Color. Select from three classic colors. 




Metal urns range in texture and quality. Bronze and copper will remain precious metals for ages to come. Steel and brass urns are strong metals that offer price flexibility and unique designs.