Mother of Pearl Urns

These urns are hand crafted from brass with beautiful Mother of Pearl Inlays which capture the eye with class and elegance. Our selection of Mother of Pearl urns remains unmatched by any retail urn company or funeral home. Selecting one of these urns will certainly provide a classic and unique feel to honor a loved one. 

Mother of Pearl cremation urns offer a timeless appeal. Their design and beauty come in a variety of patterns. When families select a cremation urn that includes mother of pearl, they are selecting elegance.

Our catalog and product line is always being updated. Since some of these items are rare, they may become harder to come by in the future.

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Mother of Pearl Rose Urn Deep Color Serenity Cremation Urn with a high quality paint and gloss for a unique Mother of Pearl piece. Mother of Pearl In Flight Urn
Burgundy Rose Urn with Pearl Serenity DoveMother of Pearl Doves In Flight

Burgundy urn with a beautiful mother of pearl inlay of a rose. Urn is timeless with new age modern cremation design. Limited

Serenity Cremation Urn is hand inlayed with Mother of Pearl and a high quality paint and gloss finish.

Mother of Pearl Going Home Doves Inlay. Beautiful and different. Doves going home has been a classic and this urn brings a classic into the modern selection room for urns. Rare and hard to come by. Limited supply






Mother of Pearl Elite Urn Limited release Anchors Away will not last. BUTTERFLIES with Mother of Pearl Inlay makes this beautiful urn rare and unique. Limited release and can not be found anywhere other than on our site.
Mother of Pearl Elite UrnAnchor Inlay Mother of Pearl UrnButterflies Mother of Pearl Inlay

Mother of Pearl Elite Cremation Urn

Unique Mother of Pearl Anchor Urn.








Unique Mother of Pearl Urn. Falling Leaves Hummingbird Mother-of-Pearl inlay with beautiful color and detail. A limited release that is pure and unique Rose Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn
Falling Leaves Mother of Pearl Urn.Hummingbird Mother-of-Pearl UrnRose Inlay Mother of Pearl

Falling leaves high gloss and detailed urn inlayed with a falling leaves design made with Mother of Pearl material. 

Hummingbird Mother-of-Pearl

Mother of Pearl Rose Inlay cremation urn. High gloss over a deep blue finish. Also available in burgundy. Matching keepsakes are also available.







We understand that selecting an urn for a loved one that has passed is not an easy task. Please contact us via email on our contact page, if you have any questions or concerns with a possible selection. We would be honored to assist you.