Wood Urns

Every wood cremation urn in our selection is chosen for its natural beauty and craftsmanship. Wood urns are available in hardwoods such as walnut, oak, cherry, cedar, maple and mahogany.

The classic look and feel of a traditional wooden cremation urn will never go out of style. These heirloom quality pieces are built to the same standards as fine furniture.

The species (type) of wood will determine the quality of each urn. Urns made from wood that is abundant in nature will usually be less expensive than those rare and hard to find woods like mahogany. Different woods have different characteristics and grains.


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Birch Tone Medium Density Cremation Urn Manufactured Wood Urn in Cherry Tone with a Photo Slip. The Affordable Urn Rosewood Tower with Cross. An economic choice. Made with natural wood and basic ornate features.
Birch Tone Economy Urn Medium Density Photo Urn - Cherry ToneRosewood Tower with Cross

" Birch Economy Urn" Very Economical This urn is ideal for individuals and families who which for simple and non-ornate urns. Product Specifications and Sizes Medium Denisty Fiberboard Economical. Standard Adult Urn Urn Code: U-CMBN-200 Capacity...

Medium Density Cherry Tone Urn with Photo Slip. Economy urn for a low cost option. 

Rosewood Tower with Cross: An affordable and simple natural wood.






Colonial Economy Urn. The affordable wood option that offers simplicity at it's finest. Cherry tone economy cremation urn
Colonial Economy Wood Urn Cherry tone Economy Urn

Colonial Economy Wood Urn: The simple and traditional wood urn that is a popular choice.  

Cherry Tone Cremation Urn. Economic and ideal for simple sheltering of the ashes. This urn has a very nice cherry tone and basic design. Fits the average amount of ashes up to 200 cubic inches





Wood urns are classic and the most unique of all urns since they are made by hand, slowly crafted, stained and assembled with care and dignity.