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    A beach themed cremation urn, hand painted sea oats fashioned with blue skies and a high gloss finish. This urn is unique and limited. Elegance Cremation Urns By Color The Butterfly Collection. Each piece is limited and unique. Choose from 5 different colors.
    Beach and Sea Oats Painted Urn Elegance Color Urn SeriesButterfly Keepsake Series

    Hand Painted Beach and Sea Oats Themed Cremation Urn. Unique and Limited

    Elegant Adult Cremation Urn with White Enamel over Nickel Plated Brass. Threaded lid allows secure closure. Felt-lined base. Dimensions: 7" D x 10" H Capacity: 220 cu. in.

    The Butterfly Collection (Choice of Color)





    Crying Angel Cremation Urn Personalized by color choice. Beautiful Grecian Style Collection Hand painted cremation urn fashioned with a unique lighthouse theme. Ideal for lighthouse lovers, boaters, fishermen or those who just love the sea. Unique urn.
    Crying Angel Cremation Urn Decorative Grecian CollectionHand Painted Lighthouse Cremation Urn

    Crying Angel Cremation Urn (Plaque Sold Separate)

    Grecian Collection - Choose a vibrant color for these beautiful urns. Brass with a high finish and decorative band. 

    Hand Painted Lighthouse Themed Cremation Urn. A unique choice.




    This hand painted cremation urn is one of a kind with a clear midnight theme with a moon and stars as seen in the heavens Tropical Paradise High Gloss Cremation Urn with Multiple Views. Limited Edition. Mother of Pearl Elite Urn
    Midnight Moon Cremation Urn Tropical Paradise Cremation Urn Mother of Pearl Elite Urn

    Hand Painted Midnight Moon and Stars Cremation Urn 

    Tropical Paradise Cremaiton Urn 

    Mother of Pearl Elite Cremation Urn




    Ruby Cremation Urn. Keepsake and Heart sold separate Verones Cremation Urn Serenity Cremation Urn with a high quality paint and gloss for a unique Mother of Pearl piece.
    Ruby Grecian Crimson UrnVerones Cremation UrnSerenity Dove

    Ruby Grecian Urn 

    Brass Verones Cremation Urn. This quality cremation urn is designed to be unique and affordable. Traditional vase shape urn with detailed color. The Verones comes in a variety of colors. Those featured are available. Each urn is unique and no two...

    Serenity Cremation Urn is hand inlayed with Mother of Pearl and a high quality paint and gloss finish.




    Divine Flying Doves Urn Butterfly Quest with Gold Accents Classic Bronze Cremation Urn. Matching Keepsakes are abailable upon checkout
    Divine Flying Doves Butterfly Quest AdultClassic Bronze Cremation Urn

    Divine Flying Doves has a very high gloss and doves 360. This urn has very possitive feed back and is a common choice for families.

    Adult Emerald Tone w Gold Accents Butterfly Urn

    Classic Bronze urn. High quality and durable metal urn.




    Classic Bronze Slate is elegant and classy. Classic Pewter Urn (Keepsakes available - sold separate) Genesis Collection offers a variety of colors. These cremation urns a common choice.
    Classic Bronze Slate UrnClassic Pewter Urn Genesis Urn Collection

    Classic Bronze Slate Cremation Urn is a beautiful tribute.

    Pewter Metal Urn.

    "Genesis Collection" - Choice of Color




    Hand Painted Dolphin Sunset Urn Birch Tone Medium Density Cremation Urn Cherry tone economy cremation urn
    Dolphin Sunset Hand PaintedBirch Tone Economy Urn Cherry tone Economy Urn

    Dolphins in Flight is a hand painted urn and highly unique. Background of a sunset adds beauty to this rare design. Limited availability.

    " Birch Economy Urn" Very Economical This urn is ideal for individuals and families who which for simple and non-ornate urns. Product Specifications and Sizes Medium Denisty Fiberboard Economical. Standard Adult Urn Urn Code: U-CMBN-200 Capacity...

    Cherry Tone Cremation Urn. Economic and ideal for simple sheltering of the ashes. This urn has a very nice cherry tone and basic design. Fits the average amount of ashes up to 200 cubic inches





    The Americana veteran and patriotic cremation Urn Limited release Anchors Away will not last. Metal Keepsake Hearts
    Americana Cremation UrnAnchor Inlay Mother of Pearl UrnFinished Metal Hearts

    Americana Brass Cremation Urn. Keepsake is available

    Unique Mother of Pearl Anchor Urn.

    Brass Metal Heart Keepsakes





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    Cremation is the fastest growing form of disposition in the United States. More and more individuals are selecting cremation options over traditional funeral arrangements due to it's flexibility and cost. When families select cremation, it allows them to go a step further in honoring or customizing their loved ones final wishes. Many people also feel that it reduces their carbon footprint, which is why biodegradable cremation urns and 'green services" are becoming more popular with younger generations.

    The options to memorialize a loved one are endless. Our urn selection is based on just that, endless options for your loved one. So, whether their wishes were to be scattered or buried at the top of a mountain, placed lakeside or along their favorite hiking trail, buried or scattered at sea, or maybe just traditionally placed in that special place along side their spouse or relative in a family plot, we promise to offer a wide selection of precious memorial urns that will be fitting for any service, occasion or request.

    "With over 18 years experience in the death care profession, we are here to help and we would like to thank you in advance for your consideration".